“Home Snapshot” enables visualisation of device usage


Home Snapshot enables device power usage to be visualised and managed.
Provide a daily snapshot of energy usage in your home.

A small smart sensor installed within your Consumer Unit (Mains Fuseboard) collects, analyses and reports the electricity usage in your home. The reports can be viewed online or on your mobile enabling you to check on your energy usage even whilst away from home.


Currently we support the following Operating Systems and Browsers:
Windows 7, Mac OS El Capitan, IOS 8, Android 4.0, IE 11, Edge, Safari
Information provided by Home Snapshot

Display items showing a breakdown of your home energy costs

Energy costs for the month
Ability to constantly verify energy costs for the month
Breakdown of energy costs by appliance
Appliances in your home ranked by energy use.
Estimates based on past energy bills allow you to create an energy-saving plan.

Display items showing the recent status of your home

Energy costs by time of day(*1)
Energy costs displayed by time of day.
Ability to verify energy costs based on recent appliance usage.
Appliances used by time of day(*2)
Appliances used in each time of day displayed.
Ability to closely monitor your home even whilst away provides peace of mind.

We can also display solar power generation data (Japanese example below)

Display item providing a snapshot of the day’s energy trading

The day’s income(*3)
Displays the daily energy bought and sold, as well as the amount of power and monetary values for the given day as a result of solar power generation and income.

Verify at a glance whether you bought or sold energy that day.

*There are cases where some specification changes are made.
*1:Energy costs are estimated using rates of 1kWh=25JPY for energy bought and 1kWh=33JPY for energy sold.
Changes can be made on the settings screen.
*2:Appliances covered include the eight largest categories of major home appliances: air conditioners, rice cookers, electric ranges, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, heating appliances such as space heaters, blow dryers, and kettles, televisions, and induction cooking ranges. There also may be large gaps between the usage time displayed and the actu]al usage time depending on how the appliances are used.
*3:Appliances covered include the eleven largest categories: In addition to *2, refrigerators, standby power (includes appliances which constantly consume power), and lighting.Where multiple devices such as televisions and air conditions are located throughout the home, they are displayed as an appliance category and not as individual devices.
In-Home Monitoring Services

Individual devices usage data enables the following “low level” Home Monitoring services:

  • ・Monitor “significant” lifestyle changes such as increases in household chores (eg. Laundry, cooking etc.) as well as increased night time device usage
  • ・Alerts generated when devices are left ON or OFF for prolonged periods of time
  • Note: All of the above services are possible in a totally non-intrusive manner without the use of any cameras.
Below is a System Diagram of an Assisted Living Service that we have developed in partnership TEPCO Energy Partner in Japan*:
*TEPCO Energy Partner, a wholly owned subsidiary of TEPCO Holdings Inc, is the largest Electricity Utility Company in Japan and the 4th largest in the world.