Our Business

One-stop provider of IoT business based on cutting edge technology

There are many excellent companies that specialize in individual IoT business such as sensors, cloud system, AI however not many are capable of providing it as a total service.

Informetis is designing and developing its own energy sensor, cloud system architecture and its construction, AI data algorithm and its analysis, under one company which makes it unique.

Energy disaggregation business

Energy disaggregation technology is at our core, which enables existing home appliances to virtually act like IoT sensors. This is enabled by a single sensor at home and a cutting edge technology called energy disaggregation that deploys the latest machine learning algorithms.
To the end user we are able to provide detailed home energy monitoring data. For service providers whose business domain is residential homes are able to obtain various data that lead to operational efficiencies as well as creation of new types of services.

Hardware and cloud system business

Our experienced engineers are designing and developing IoT energy sensors with high quality and meeting safety standards. Cloud system design and development are also managed by our skilled engineers.

Informetis AI Laboratory

Energy disaggregation at its core, AI and machine learning research and development are conducted by top class engineers at both Tokyo Headquarters and Cambridge, UK.

Technology License business

In order to cater for various electricity configurations by region or countries, licensing of technical requirements for matching local sensor hardware, as well as libraries for cloud platform developments are available.
Japanese power distribution manufacturers and smart metering manufacturers, as well as a global semiconductor manufacturer are already taking advantage of it.