Energy Disaggregation Business

Major home appliances can tell us what is going on at home, and creates a new type of value proposition and various services.

European Trial Version

Currently running field trials in Europe with an English app

European Trial VersionEuropean Trial Version

Home Energy Monitor Application

Commercially available in Japan via various channel partners

Home Energy Monitor Application
Key features
Approximate month-to-date electricity cost
Ranking of top 3 electricity consuming items
Hourly major home appliance usage in the past 12 hours
Daily, weekly, monthly electricity cost charts
Solar panel (PV) generated revenue vs. purchased electricity cost

Assisted Living Application:

Exclusively sold by Tepco Energy Partners for the Japanese market

Key Features:
A unique subscription based assisted living service.
Family members can see on their smartphone how their loved ones are living, by way of knowing when major appliances were used.
Daily E-mail distribution to glance yesterday’s activity with ease.
Weekly overview, daily overview and chat-style real time browsing.
AI based analysis notifies changes over days or weekly cycles.
E-mail alert if abnormal usage is detected.
Twice a year cost free call-out visits are included (additional visits are payable)
Linkage to Smart Speaker enables inquiry over voice at subscriber home.
4 additional browsing accounts can be added. (eg. other family members, caretakers)
Assisted Living Application