Metis App Engine

The vast amount of “device operation” data produced by the device disaggregation and estimation technology “Metis Engine” is further analysed by Metis App Engine, using sophisticated data mining techniques to provide various outputs including analysis of household power usage, visualisation of lifestyle patterns and comparison of energy usage with other homes.

Analysis Results Image

The device disaggregation and estimation technology disaggregates the amount of source power used by each home into power consumed by each appliance, allowing “which,” “when,” and “how much” power used for each appliance to be estimated and visualised for that home.

The above data is for one day of power use for a standard home. By aggregating this data, the number of uses and usage time for each appliance can be estimated, and this “home life log data” can be used in a range of applications.

Breakdown of Home Energy Costs

Metis App Engine provides a breakdown of energy costs at an individual device level. This level of detailed breakdown would have been previously almost impossible for Energy suppliers to provide their customers.

Benchmarking versus Similar Homes

Monthly power consumption of your home is compared with homes with similar demographics and lifestyles to alert you of devices which may be using too much energy.

Appliance Power Usage Trends

The above graphic shows power used by devices in the home on a daily basis showing the number of times it was used as well as usage time. This enables the detection of very minor changes in usage pattern which may be significant for certain types of services such as Assisted Living.

Application as a “Home Agent”

Informetis sensors work as a “Home Agent,” a sensory nervous system which contributes to communication allowing a more natural lifestyle.

The above scenario is just one example of the result of our company’s big data analysis using device disaggregation and estimation data. We believe that you can make use of our technology and insights to solve similar or different challenges faced by your company.