Announcement of Corporate Site Renewal

Today, we would like to announce the renewal of our corporate site.

This renewal incorporates multiple new contents to raise awareness about our corporate vision and business.

The main renewal points are as follows.

1. Top page innovations
We have created a main visual that expresses our mission: “Sharing the benefits of energy data with people all over the world”.
Moreover, we have arranged the leading contents in the top page to facilitate easy perusal of the entire site. Why not take a scroll!

2. News updates
In this corporate news section, we have newly freshened up contents on “The World Informetis is Aiming for” and “Our Involvement with SDGs”. And, by achieving our mission and vision, we will simultaneously contribute to SDGs.

3. Products
We have newly created the contents to showcase the four main products used to achieve our mission.
We will create various value from energy data using of our products “Metis Engine”, “Metis App”, “Metis Cloud” and “Metis Device”.

4. Solutions
We have newly created the contents for solutions derived from our technologies and products.
We have posted problem-solving examples for each field of business.

5. Recruiting Info Update
We have updated recruiting information to boost the workforce at Informetis.
Employee interviews and company outline can be found here, so if you think our line of work is for you, please check us out to get an idea of what makes us tick.

Moving forward, we will keep content fully topped up while also bringing you the latest info in an easy-to-understand format, so please stay tuned.