Metis Cloud

A scalable, modular and end-to-end Cloud Platform with multiple layers of data analysis and service enablement modules

Collect, store and securely manage data from multiple IoT devices catering to custom use-case scenarios.

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What is Metis Cloud? It is an IoT platform that utilizes the architecture cultivated in the analysis and processing of large-scale, high resolution energy data

We provide an IoT platform that can perform advanced analysis using a large amount of data. A large amount of information such as high resolution energy data and externally linked data can be managed and used for analysis. As the role and impact of “data” in business is increasing, it plays a role in the information infrastructure that enables the acquisition, analysis, and utilization of vast amounts of information.

Do you have issues related to data utilization infrastructure?

  • Clear goal setting of data utilization is difficult and investment decisions cannot be easily made
  • Data is scattered across multiple organizations and systems
  • It takes a lot of time and cost to expand functionality

Features of Metis Cloud We provide a data processing platform that realizes highly advanced analysis by flexibly linking data with various devices as well as with other cloud platforms

Feature 1 An IoT platform that can manage large amounts of data and operate at low cost

Metis Cloud acquires, manages, and operates a large amount of data every day. A single Informetis energy sensors acquires one data per second and accumulates more than 31 million data points a year. Metis Cloud is ready to manage huge amounts of data at low cost according to the application.

Feature 2 Flexible linkage with external cloud systems

Not only high resolution energy data acquired by Informetis, but also data owned by companies and data owned by third parties can be linked. By combining various data and performing advanced analysis, it can be useful for solving problems in various industries.

Examples of solutions

Examples of using Metis Cloud are introduced as solutions for each sector.

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