Metis Device

A smart energy sensor that is a front runner in next generation energy data infrastructure

Design, develop and deliver smart energy sensors for sampling high resolution energy data in residential and commercial settings.

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What is Metis Device? It is a device that can quickly build next-generation high resolution energy data infrastructure

The Metis Device “Circuit Meter CM-2” is a smart energy sensor that can collect high resolution energy data. It is typically installed in the Consumer Unit in your home. It samples and uploads energy data via Wi-Fi to the home broadband router. It is capable of providing various types of output in addition to measuring the total power consumption.

Are you facing challenges from the data sampled?

  • Sampling data resolution is not high enough to extract valuable information
  • Accurate information can be obtained, but installation is complicated, costly, and not easy to scale

Features of Metis Device High resolution data sampling by a small foot print device that is simple to install

Feature 1 Near real-time, high resolution data sampling

Every second a high resolution data is sampled, and then uploaded to the Metis Cloud every 5 minutes. Therefore, it is acquiring almost real-time information that caters for quick analysis and call to action. The various analytical data provided by the Metis Engine maximizes the value of energy data.

Feature 2 Small size with simple installation

The size of the energy sensor (circuit meter CM-2) is 17.7mm x 81.0mm x 66.6mm and it weighs 60g. The installation process takes about 30 minutes. Installation needs to be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Product list(Metis Device)

Circuit meter CM-2

Designed and developed by Informetis, it is a energy sensor for the next-generation energy data infrastructure. For residential home use, it measure the main power consumption as well as solar power generation and the amount of charge / discharge of the storage battery. It can be used as a HEMS and a storage battery control. As for industrial application, flexible measurement design is possible according to the business requirement.

Wifi interface
Wifi interface Compliance IEEE802.11b/g/n
Data transmission speed Up to 65 Mbps
Frequency band 2.4GHz (all 13 channels)
Security WPS, WPA/WPA2
CT input 4 circuits
Fuse Yes
Power Consumption 3W (maximum)
Rating AC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 30mA
Operating environment Temperature -5℃ ~ 40℃ / Humidity 45% ~ 85%(non-condensing)
Dimensions and weight 17.7mm x 81.0mm x 66.6mm / 60g

Examples of solutions

Examples of using Metis Device are introduced as solutions for each sector.

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