Streamlining the demand response operation

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Currently only available in Japan market

Implementing an intelligent demand response operation on individual consumer level

“We are very keen to implement a demand response operation, but we can’t simulate the saving effect, therefore end up in a generic let’s save power type of marcom” “We have considered building a demand response operation system, but it required large investment.” Sounds familiar to you? Our Demand Response Operation Support Service offers solutions in three key tasks for energy retailers: (1) notifying their consumers, (2) calculating incentives, and (3) quantifying the benefits.

Are you faced with any of these challenges?

Issue 01

We want to start our demand response operation, but our current demand and supply management system can’t handle it, without huge development costs.

Issue 02

We want to do a thorough simulation of the effects of demand response, but the vast amount of data to process is out of our capability.

Issue 03

We want to feed back the results of demand response to our consumers, but the creation of detailed reports is a heavy task.


We can help with a streamlined demand response operation

1. Demand response that can be started easily

We have streamlined the complicated tasks of demand response, such as requesting and confirming the willingness of target consumers to participate and calculating the benefits, into a service that allows energy retailers to start their demand response operation. No major system investment is required. This is a service that can be started lightly in preparation for the summer and winter months, when the electricity supply gets tight.

2.Based on the guidelines issued from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan

After demand response is activated, the system calculates the amount of demand-response effect and its value for each participating consumer. This is done in accordance with the ERAB guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

3. Issue summary reports

We issue summary reports to energy retailers and their consumers. These reports provide quantitative feedback on the effectiveness of the demand response performed by the individual participating consumers. Energy retailers are then able to conduct analysis based on the results of all participating consumers, and to continue further improvements in their operation.

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