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We want to create a long-term relationship with our customers

“We’ve lost touch with our past PV customers.” “We’ve sent direct promotional mail to all of our existing customers, but there’s been no response at all.” Have you had experiences like this?
The energy visualization application “econowa” and the continuous sales support tool “hitonowa” offer various benefits, such as allowing you to maintain continuous communication with your customers, provide support that is closely tailored to each of them, and generate new sales opportunities.

Do you have challenges like these?

Issue 01

We want our customers to experience the benefits of energy-creating and energy-storing equipment.

Issue 02

We have lost touch with customers who bought in the past.

Issue 03

In addition to selling energy-creating and energy-storing equipment, we would like to offer other new services.


Creating opportunities for continuous connection and facilitating customer-centered support

Examples of solution combinations

1. Visualisation of purchased energy-creating and energy-storing equipment

Customers who have purchased PV equipment and/or storage batteries can use the smartphone app econowa, which displays the flow of energy within the home in a way that’s easy to understand.
You can check at a glance the operating status of your PV generation and the storage batteries, which changes depending on the weather and time of day. You can also see how much of the electricity consumed is being used by which major home appliances. This enables the customer to consider takeing actions to save electricity.

2. Send bulk notifications to econowa users and check their responses

Reseller operates the sales support tool hitonowa. With hitonowa, you can send notifications simultaneously to all your customers, which they will receive via their econowa app. The recipient groups can be controlled, such as by their location area or by the equipment they are using. For example, you could set it so that only people living in Tokyo who have installed PV equipment receive the notification.
You can also check the number and percentage of delivered notifications that have been opened by them.

3. Create new services by accumulating energy data

The sensor installed in the breaker box of homes upload power data to our cloud platform. The large amount of data accumulated can be put to use to create new services. For example, the data obtained from PV equipment and storage batteries can be used for O&M services. It is also possible to find out about lifestyles and life rhythms based on the usage of home appliances, allowing resellers to increase sales opportunities.

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