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Currently only available in Japan market

We want to create new homes with AI powered IoT

“We want to promote the digital transformation to homeowners using AI and IoT.” “We want to provide new value to our customers with IoT.” We are realising your desires with a simple and easy solution. By installing a small sensor, you will find that energy data and artificial intelligence (AI) can deliver new value to homeowners, no need for an expensive investment.

Do you have any of these challenges in providing new homes to your customers?

Issue 01

We want to use AI, IoT, and big data to provide a comfortable way of living, but we don’t know where to start.

Issue 02

When it comes to expensive equipment, it’s hard to know what to choose. It’s also difficult to convince the customer.

Issue 03

I can’t imagine how things will work in practice, such as data utilization and communication after the new home handover.


We can offer a streamlined approach to home IoT solution

Examples of solution combinations

1. Home IoT solutions with a small sensor

All you need to install is a small sensor that fits into the breaker box. The installation usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete.*
The sensor uploads energy related data to the cloud , after which AI analyzes the data. At low cost, it is easy to install, and can be retrofitted to make homes IoT-ready. The smartphone application “ienowa” shows the homeowner the estimated electricity bill almost in real time, while AI analyzes how much electricity is being used by major home appliances.

* Installation needs to be performed by a qualified electrician in Japan.

2. Making a home a smart home by integrating other devices*

The ienowa app can also be linked to other IoT devices, such as smart remote controls or smart locks, which are offered by various third party companies, thereby allowing the homeowner to control their home appliances from their smartphone. For example, the homeowner might think, “I want to turn on the air conditioner before I get home,” or, “I checked ienowa while I was out, and the TV was still on.” But no problem, as in situations like these, they can remotely control the air conditioner or TV from their smartphone. ienowa can leverage the value of IoT in various ways.

* Applies to compatible IoT devices

3. Valuable data enables services to expand

Because the sensor collects rich energy data that can be analysed in detail, we can offer opportunities for more data-driven new services, such as based on the lifestyle and patterns of the residents at home.
ienowa also allows continuous communication with the homeowner. By combining ienowa with the continuous sales support tool “hitonowa,” it is possible to notify of new services, or notify the next after-sales maintenance inspection all at once.
By creating connections, you will be able to provide services that keep you close to your customers.

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