Our Technology

Covering the entire IoT technology with unique AI technology at its core

The true value creation of an IoT solution is comprising from various aspects such as device development, network configuration, cloud system architecture design, analytical algorithm, end user interface and big data application.

There are numerous companies that specialize individually in these areas, however not many that could cover the whole value chain.

Energy disaggregation estimation technology

Also widely known as NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring), energy disaggregation estimation technology is a new method that estimates what home appliance is used when and consumes how much electricity, from a single sensor installed at the breaker box.
Its core originates from artificial intelligence and machine learning research and development activity at Sony Corporation for robotics, audio and visual recognition. It enables visualization of energy consumption by major appliances, and enables capturing a life log from a residential home which revolutionary extends the potential of data obtained from electricity.

Energy IoT Big data mining technology

Development of big data mining technology handling various information extracted from electricity data collected nationwide, adding other data sources such as weather forecast and other IoT sensor information. These data mining will contribute to advanced energy management at both generation and consumer side, as well as new services not directly related to energy.

IoT system architecture technology

In order to take advantage of energy disaggregation technology nationwide, a comprehensive IoT system architecture is developed. Managing uploading data from energy and other IoT sensors to the user interface applications on smart devices, it also has a flexible architecture to adapt to other generic IoT systems.