IoT System Platform Technology

Robust IoT system platform designed and developed inhouse, that collects and stores data from our own energy sensor as well as various third party IoT sensors, for energy disaggregation and other analysis.

Development of IoT platform

Through partnership with Tepco Power Grid, a joint venture Energy Gateway was established in 2018 to serve for the Japanese market. The development of its “Energy Gateway Platform” is developed by Informetis with the aim to provide new services to B2B customers. The IoT platform is running on GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

This data platform collects data from our own energy sensor and other other 3rd party sensors in real time, analyses them in required formats and store them. Service providers may further analyse the data upon the platform or acquire them via API for external handling.

Energy Gateway Platform is running on GCP (Google Cloud Platform).
Energy Gateway PlatformEnergy Gateway Platform

Autumn 2019: Selected by GCP to attend its annual partners conference in US, as one of the only two representatives from Asia region
September 2018: presented at Google Cloud Next 18 in Tokyo
November 2018: presented at Inevitable ja night 7 presented by Google Cloud