Data based Collaboration


Using just a single smart sensor and leading edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology,
our solution can monitor the status and power consumption of devices within your home.

Home Snapshot
Provides an “itemised breakdown” of your home energy consumption.

New Services – Coming Soon
Assisted Living, “light touch” security services are in the pipeline.

Software as a Service (SaaS)
For B2B customers, we can also provide APIs, applications and custom integration services.


Agreement on joint management of IoT Platform business from Disaggregated electricity data

16th May 2018   Energy Gateway Inc. Tepco Power Grid Inc. Informetis.Co., Ltd.   Energy Gateway Inc., which was formed 15th February 2018 as a subsidiary of Tepco Power Grid Inc., with its aim to provide an IoT platform, allocated third-party shares to Informetis on 3rd of April.  This marks the beginning of starting new businesses with Energy Gateway as the core company.   Energy Gateway, Tepco PG and Informetis had already made agreement on jointly managing the IoT Platform business (*1) .  From now on Energy Gateway will become the single business entity to provide the IoT Platform service that utilizes electricity sensor (*2) and disaggregation technology (also known […]