Data Analytics from Home Appliance behaviour

By applying the latest machine learning technology we derive and analyse data from home appliances which will enrich the way we live and also reduce energy consumption.

Informetis combines the word "Inform" for information, with "Metis", the divine personification of thought and wisdom in ancient Greek mythology. With our unique NIALM (NonIntrusive Appliance Load Monitoring) technology we provide a new information analytics platform for combining the monitoring of appliances in a home with the users lifestyle in a non-intrusive and seamless way.

Our NIALM technology uses a single sensor in a household to collects electricity data from which we are able to disaggregate the power consumption of the major domestic appliances in a home. We can also show near real time 'status' of major appliances (On/OFF, consumption exceeding pre-determined limit etc.) as well as provide the consumer with an 'itemised bill' of their electricity usage.

Sony was the pioneer in developing AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology for commercial application including the world's first robotic dog AIBO, and core patents relating to NIALM technology have been formerly transferred from Sony to Informetis. Electricity data measured from just one sensor, or in the near future from a Smart Meter with our firmware embedded within it, allows us to extract the status of major home appliances and their electricity consumption in near real time. This new type of Big Data analysis has a huge business potential in not only for the energy sector but beyond that in areas such as assisted living, e-security and e-health.