Announcement of Capital and Business Alliance with issuance of new shares by way of third-party allotment

20th February 2020
Announcement of Capital and Business Alliance with issuance of new shares by way of third-party allotment

Informetis Co., Ltd., (HQ in Tokyo. CEO: Taro Tadano, hereafter referred as “Informetis”) an IT venture that provides services utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) into energy analysis (Energy Disaggregation, also known as NILM: non-intrusive load monitoring), acquired 800 million Japanese Yen as business expansion capital, from the following 3 companies (in alphabetical order):

Daikin Industries Ltd.
HQ in Osaka, CEO and President: Masanori Togawa, here after referred as “Daikin Industries”

Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc.
HQ in Tokyo, Representative Director & President Masayuki Mizushima, hereafter referred as “Hakuhodo DY Holdings”

Hitachi, Ltd.
HQ in Tokyo, President and CEO Toshiaki Higashihara, hereafter referred as “Hitachi Ltd.”.

With this latest addition, the accumulated capital raised to date by Informetis is about 2.56 billion Japanese Yen. We will collaborate closely with our new investors Daikin Industries, Hakuhodo DY Holdings and Hitachi Ltd., to create new services with our technology and further expand our business.

〈The background and purpose of raising additional capital〉
Informetis is providing services in Japan such as visualization of electricity consumption, optimization of electricity usage and assisted living, from electricity data obtained from a residential home that are analyzed and disaggregated into major electric appliances, by applying AI based NILM technology.

The latest capital acquisition will mainly enable us to accelerate research and development of our technologies to expand our business domains into overseas, B2B area and new markets. We also believe that closer partnership with our new investors will further accelerate creation of new markets.

〈About Informetis Co., Ltd.〉
Informetis was established on 8th April 2013, and was carved out from Sony Corporation on 1st July 2013. Our strength is in the analysis of electricity data by AI, and aim to bring better social QoL by providing services based on NILM technology data and superior optimizing of energy infrastructure.

〈Inquiries for this Press Release〉
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