Daikin Europe N.V. (DAIKIN) and Informetis have entered into a strategic partnership with the aim to deliver an AI based smart energy management solution for Daikin’s Domestic Heat Pump heating system (Heat Pump) customer starting with the UK market. The partnership, which was setup over a year ago, aims to combine the advanced AI capability of Informetis with the world leading Heat Pumps from Daikin to deliver a service which will help Daikin customers to monitor and reduce the energy consumption within their homes.

Informetis has developed a unique AI based solution which uses a smart sensor to monitor, visualise the energy flows in the home and to interact with the Daikin Heat Pump. This will enable customers to reduce their energy consumption; save money on their energy bills and help the planet by reducing their carbon footprint.

We believe this is a timely service for Daikin customers as energy prices in the market are on the rise and consumers are looking for innovative ways to reduce their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

About Informetis
Informetis was established in 2013 in Japan and is a spin-out from Sony Corporation. Informetis is headquartered in Japan with its European operations based in Cambridge. Using AI and machine learning, Informetis creates additional value and new services from energy data. We have already launched several commercial services in Japan ranging from energy monitoring through to assisted living, all using just basic energy data.