Our vision

Our technology and team to deliver our vision.

Our mission

Sharing the benefits of energy data with people all over the world

Informetis leads the value creation from energy data that contributes to a sustainable planet and a better Quality of Life (QoL).

Our vision

Creating an energy data ecosystem that enhances
efficient energy usage and people’s QoL

Our values

To continue, as a group of professionals, creating new and unique technology solutions which lead to co-existing businesses, with the spirit of EXCEEDING expectations and always upholding FAIRNESS

Our technologies

We have unique technology solutions to achieve our mission

We extract high resolution energy usage information into a time-series data of current waveforms and applying our proprietary machine learning algorithms extract multifaceted information. For example, we can estimate home appliance usage status; type of appliance; power demand forecasting as well as activity prediction and anomaly detection. We are also developing solutions that optimize the energy used within customer homes as well as providing balancing solutions for the grid.
In addition, by data mining the information extracted from the electric power data, it can be applied to various applications such as assisted living, healthcare, medical care, logistics, marketing, insurance, and many more.

Message from our CEO

Our company name Informetis means
“Goddess of Information”.
The energy industry has the potential to transform itself
exponentially based on new information.

With the expansion of renewable energy,
power generation is undergoing major changes,
which increasingly requires detailed and meticulous
control management.

On the other hand,
high resolution energy data acquisition and
its utilization that is the foundation is still
in its infancy all over the world.

We contribute to a sustainable planet
by applying rapidly-evolving network and
AI (machine learning) technologies to energy data,
and developing an ecosystem
that delivers both efficient energy use and improved QoL.

Informetis Co., Ltd.
CEO Taro Tadano

Board members

CEO Taro Tadano
CFO Daisuke Yokomizo
External board member Ko Minamikurosawa
External board member Hiroaki Hanawa
Auditor Kenji Takahashi
Auditor Juri Okubo
Executive officer Takashi Kinoshita
Executive officer Tomoyuki Ono
Executive officer Hiroki Watanabe

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