Metis Engine

Data analysis engine built on cutting edge Artififcal Intelligence (AI)

Striving towards solving social challenges by promoting various forms of innovations fueled by new ways of analysing energy data.

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What is Metis Engine? A state of the art AI engine that extracts value such as NILM and energy management from energy data

By applying Metis Engine to various types of energy data, including high resolution energy data, new information on power usage such as equipment operation and electrical abnormality can be extracted. Future energy consumption can be predicted based on the extracted information. You can also optimise energy utilisation based on the predicted information. Specifically, “Metis Energy Analyzer” detects device operation and electrical abnormalities from current waveforms and “Metis Energy Optimizer” controls devices such as storage batteries to optimise energy utilisation. Whilst “Metis Life Analyzer” analyses lifestyle based on your energy data. We will squeeze out the maximum value out of your of energy data with our unique AI and contribute to the increased use of renewable energy and the enhancement of people’s life.

Are you exploiting enough from your energy data?

  • Have huge energy data but no operational assets to extract value ot of them
  • Energy data is low resolution and cannot extract value from it
  • Do not know what value my energy data has

Features of Metis Engine Valuable information is extracted out of energy data by cutting-edge AI technology, that can be used to solve problems in various applications

Feature 1 High resolution energy data analysis by cutting-edge AI

Every second a high resolution current waveform data is sampled and then uploaded to the Metis Cloud every 5 minutes. Near real-time information is then analysed to estimate the usage of major appliances. Compared to a typical smart meter that samples the data once every 30 minutes, far more sophisticated analysis can be carried out by the higher sampling rates of the Metis Engine.

Feature 2 Analysis from other data sources

Even 30 minute cycle smart meter data can be analysed using our unique AI technology to provide new added value. We can optimise the grid by predicting future energy consumption. We can also use our AI solution to deliver efficient operation of battery storage facilities. We are working on a wide range of energy projects from residential optimisation; commercial deployments right through to grid balancing solutions.

Product list(Metis Engine)

Examples of solutions

Examples of using Metis Engine are introduced as solutions for each sector.

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